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About Tai

As the daughter of two steelworkers, who worked tirelessly everyday with the hope of their children having more opportunity than they did, Tai Harden-Moore learned the values of hard work and sacrifice at a young age. Motivated to solve problems and make her community a more inclusive place, Tai set her sights on becoming a lawyer.

Despite financial challenges, Tai became the first member of her family to graduate college. She then went on to put herself through law school, while raising two children and struggling with cancer.

Tai sees the barriers to success that too many families in Yamhill County continue to face in getting ahead. Today, she’s running for Yamhill County Commissioner to bring people together, solve the homelessness crisis, invest in our schools, create good-paying jobs and make Yamhill County a more desirable region to invest in.

As a lawyer, educator and non-profit leader, Tai has been a fixture in Yamhill County’s civic community. She’s focused on making Yamhill County the thriving region it has the potential to be.